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        to coax the branches
towards the sun
first free the roots.

An occasionally published poet, festival storyteller, former GP, harmonious harpist and jobbing politician my professional life includes translating policy into practice in primary care mental health and wellbeing.

I met David Hart, former Birmingham Poet Laureate at a Royal College of Psychiatrists Conference in the late 90s where I was holding a workshop on metaphor theory applied to mental health and he was teaching medics about poetry.

It has been an interesting journey since then. I am still fascinated by the power of words and their power to change perception. But before we set off, I want to you to read this poem.

The butterfly's wings are becoming so heavy they touch       
the ground almost, they hit the hawthorn and get thrown 
sideways by the spray from the waterfall miles away

They no longer fold into land only fall splayed. The perceiving
of what was familiar needs impossible translation. Every field
rolling green has its beautiful crashed aeroplane.


I am grateful to David Hart for allowing me to quote this poem in full and encouraging you to seek out the magic of words and their effect on the mind.

It is published in 'Setting the Poem to Words' by Five Seasons Press

....we wrap tales around the slippery world to grasp it better.

A boundary spanner in local government and primary care, I am currently promoting the use of bibliotherapy in chronic and unexplained disease.

Here are some ingredients:-

Open the jars and taste....