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Folk, harps and radio

The tales we tell ourselves can bind us. As a traditional storyteller, I enjoy retelling old tales for our times.

Here are some of my favourites:-

A traditional story from Georgia in Eastern Europe, first retold at Rainbow 2000 Festivals

A tale of three daughters, first told at Hugglescote Parish Council's Rogation service accompanied by Harmonic Curve

A cautionary tale for public sector innovators, first told at the Leicestershire launch of 'Books on Prescription'

A true story from Hugglescote, Leicestershire, that explains why a silver tree stands at the gateway to the Parish.

First retold at a Belfast Harp Festival accompanied by students of the Derwent Harp School

The story of Coalville's hero, retold to celebrate the first blue plaque and inform the residents of a new street named after this important social reformer

One of a series of harp-related stories. This one had its first outing on HermitageFM's Folk Show

A traditional Russian Christmas story, first retold for the children of Belvoirdale Primary School

All these tales are copyright © Theresa Eynon 2014

If you want to tell them yourself, boil them down to the bare bones, then add your own skin. That's real storytelling for you.